Name: Mudd Masher | Date: March 2, 2017 | Platform: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Arcade, Puzzle | Price: Free



AUSTIN, Texas - February 17, 2017 – Atooi announced today that the creative minds behind Mutant Mudds and Totes the Goat have cooked up a new game called Mudd Masher – coming to the App Store March 2, 2017.
Swipe to hop and tap to mash! Journey through 8 colorful lands and reclaim the precious Gems scattered within. Save the world from total muddiness!

Max has been cast into a vexing voxel adventure! Shedding his familiar 2D get-up, Max now faces a new muddy challenge in the soiled dimension of threes.
The mutated muddy foes are turning the world to mudd, and only you can stop them! Hop onto muddy platforms to cleanse them to their former glory, and be sure to mash the malicious mudds before they soil anything else!
Featuring velvety sublime chiptunes from the award-winning Mutant Mudds game series. Mashing mudds never felt so good.



Hopping Arcade Fun

Easy Swipe/Tap Controls

8 Unique World Themes

Varied Cast of Mudd Enemies

Dozens of Sublime Chiptunes


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