An Endless Journey of Jumps!

Totes the Goat is the debut game from newly formed mobile studio, Atooi
– led by industry veteran Jools Watsham.

A charming arcade experience with vibrant voxel art and easy-to-use swipe controls,
Totes the Goat will have you happily hopping down a cliff like a kid.

Leap from platform to platform – bringing each one back to life
– while avoiding hazardous Wily Wolves, Cranky Crows, and Bully Bears – oh my!

Once a cliff tier is fully rejuvenated, hop down the cliff to the next tier for
an endless journey of jumps!

How low can you leap? How totes is your goat?



Classic Arcade Gameplay

Endless Freemium Fun

Unlock Dozens of Characters

Evade Crafty Enemies

Worldwide Leader Board










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